Our Team

Our Team

Meet our highly skilled and experienced team who ensure projects are delivered on time and on budget. The seamless delivery of projects lies in our employees' capable and talented hands, who assist our directors on a day-to-day basis.

Addy Van Der Lugt | Pr Eng (Civil) Structural

Addy Van Der Lugt

MSc Eng (Struct)
Hons BEng (Civil)
Pr Eng
Andre Ekermans | Civil Engineer | Ekcon Team

Andre Ekermans

Hons B Eng (Civil)

Azhar Paruk – BSc Eng Mech | Ekcon Team

Azhar Paruk

BSc Eng (Mech)

Carl du Preez | Cert. Structural Draughting | Ekcon Team

Carl du Preez

Cert. Structural Draughting

Charl Nortje | Dip Structural Draughting | Ekcon Team

Charl Nortjé

Dip Structural Draughting

Charl van der Merwe | B. Tech (Civil) | Structural & BSc (Hons) Structural | Ekcon Team

Charl van der Merwe

B.Tech (Civil) Structural
BSc (Hons) Structural

Divan Visser | BEng (Civil) Structural | Ekcon Team

Divan Visser

M.Eng (Civil) Structural

Eike Davis B.Eng (Civil) | Ekcon Team

Eike Davis

B.Eng (Civil)

Elmar Bergakker | Ekcon Team | B.Tech (Civil) Structural

Elmar Bergakker

B.Tech (Civil) Structural

Ettienne Louw | Ekcon Team | B.Tech (Mech) Mechanical

Ettienne Louw

B.Tech (Mech)

Garth Hermans | Ekcon Team | B.Tech (Mechanical) Mechanical

Garth Hermans

B.Tech (Mechanical)

Gerhardt Van Heerden | Ekcon Team | Pr Eng (Civil) Structural

Gerhardt Van Heerden

Pr Eng (Civil)

Gerrie Coetzee – MSc (Civil) Struc Pr. Eng | Ekcon Team

Gerrie Coetzee

MSc (Civil) Structural
Pr. Eng

Hesna Conradi | Ekcon Team | Cert PM Civil

Hesna Conradi

Cert PM

Ismail Leeman | Ekcon Team | T1 (Eng Tech) Structural

Ismail Leeman

T1 (Eng Tech)

Karona Subroyen – BSc Eng (Civil) | Ekcon Team

Karona Subroyen

BSc Eng (Civil)

Keenen Uppington | Ekcon Team | N.Dip (Civil) Civil

Keenen Uppington

N.Dip (Civil)

Kirsty Taylor | Receptionist

Kirsty Taylor


Lizeka Makinana | N.Dip (Civil) Civil | Ekcon Team

Lizeka Makinana

N.Dip (Civil)

Lucille Grové | B.Eng (Mech) | Pr.Eng | Ekcon team

Lucille Grové

B. Eng (Mech)
Pr. Eng

Marcelle Lourens | Ekcon Team | N.Dip Financial

Marcelle Lourens


Mark Chinnian

N.Dip (Mech)

Mehrzad Mehdizadeh | Ekcon Team | B.Eng (Mech) Mechanical

Mehrzad Mehdizadeh

B.Eng (Mech)

Melani Di Bona | Ekcon Team | B.Eng (Mech) Mechanical

Melani Di Bona

B.Eng (Mech)

Neil de Waal | Ekcon Team | B.Eng (Mech) Mechanical

Neil de Waal

B.Eng (Mech)

Nico Smit | B.Tech (Civil) | Ekcon Team

Nico Smit

B.Tech (Civil)

Nkateko Malukleka | B. Eng (Civil) Struc | Ekcon team

Nkateko Malukleka

B. Eng (Civil) Structural

Pieter de Waal | Ekcon Team | B.Eng (Mech) Mechanical

Pieter de Waal

B.Eng (Mech)

Quinton Larson | Cert ASIB - 2016I-083 | Ekcon team

Quinton Larson

Cert ASIB – 2016I-083

Reinhardt Van Heerden | Ekcon Team | Detailer Structural

Reinhardt Van Heerden

Detailer Structural

Reyno Buckle | Ekcon Team | B.Eng (Civil) Civil

Reyno Buckle

B.Eng (Civil)

Reza Davids | Ekcon Team | B.Tech (Civil) Civil

Reza Davids

B.Tech (Civil)

Rikus Steyn | Ekcon Team | B.Eng (Civil) Civil

Rikus Steyn

B.Eng (Civil)

Rusha Naran | Ndip (Civil) | Ekcon Team

Rushda Naran

N.Dip (Civil)

Sanelisiwe Ndinisa – B. Tech (Civil) | Ekcon Team

Sanelisiwe Ndinisa

B. Tech (Civil)

Schalk Louw | N.Dip (Fire Tech) | Ekcon team

Schalk Louw

N.Dip (Fire Tech)

Shaun Dixon – B. Tech (Civil) | Ekcon Team

Shaun Dixon

B. Tech (Civil)

Shaun Ramncwana | B.Tech (Civil) | Ekcon Team

Shaun Ramncwana

N.Dip (Civil)

Siyamthanda Ntame – N.Dip (Civil) | Ekcon Team

Siyamthanda Ntame

N.Dip (Civil)

Zaslane Francis | B.Tech (Civil) | Ekcon Team

Zaslane Francis

B.Tech (Civil)

Zinathi Pute | N.Dip (Civil) | Ekcon team

Zinathi Pute

N.Dip (Civil)