Wim Kleinhans


Wim Kleinhans


Civil Engineer

Position in firm:

Director & Shareholder


Structures (Steel)

Date of birth:

22 January 1955

Academic qualifications:

Hons B Eng (Civil)
University of Stellenbosch 1979

Professional membership:

Member of the Engineering Council for South Africa (No 860422)
Member of the South African Institute for Civil Engineers (No 12585)
Member of the South African Association for Consulting Engineers


Afrikaans: Mother tongue
English: Speak, write and read

Wim Kleinhans co-founded EKCON Engineers and Project Managers in January 1996 after working in the Western Cape Building Division of a well-known multi-disciplinary company for 15 years. He specializes in structural engineering and has extensive experience in the conceptual and detail design of steel frame structures as well as reinforced and tensioned concrete structures in the building, industrial and off-shore industries.

He obtained a Hons B Eng degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Stellenbosch in 1979 and joined the consulting engineering industry soon after.

Prominent previous projects include: Multi-storey office blocks, multi-storey apartment blocks, indoor pool complex as well as detail design of an off-shore oil production platform as part of an contortion team.

Current projects include: Steel lattice towers for the telecommunication and cell phone industries, various industrial steel projects and reinforced concrete projects.